Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kristen Stewart- yay or nay? You decide!

Twilight fans are musing the possibility that Kristen Stewart thinks that Twilight is a "bad movie."

MTV kicks around the idea, including this snippet:

"The latest brouhaha began brewing when Robert Pattinson
showed up to Sunday’s 81st Annual Academy Awards without the “Twilight” leading lady on his arm. As fans know, from the MTV Movie Awards to Comic-Con and various other events throughout 2009, it was extremely rare to see one actor making a publicity appearance without the other nearby. Immediately, rumors began circulation that there was more to KStew’s conspicuous absence than met the eye."

The article goes on to mention the "artistic integrity" quote Kristen's father had at the Oscars. *insert eye roll here*

Some Bella Swan fans are quick to support the teen actress. "
So she swears every now and then…whoopdie do,” a fan named “Ash” said of Stewart’s vernacular. “People don’t have to like her, she isn’t looking for anyone’s approval, as we have seen/heard. She ultimately makes her own decisions. We can’t fault her, cause we DON’T know her…but you should respect her a bit for not being a ‘stereotypical’ young Hollywood actress.”

Fans seem to be divided. What are your thoughts on Kristen Stewart?

Bella Swan HQ by AC Lima.


  1. Well I think Kristen Stewart is ok. As for her being a good Bella, I'm going to have to go with Nay!

  2. I was more excited to see her than I was him when the trailer first came out; he did NOT fit my vision of the perfect Edward.

    After seeing the movie, though, I think he completely outshined her.

    That said, I did like the way she portrayed Bella in the movie. The strong character was a good fit for the insecurities and vulnerabilities of Edward.

  3. I liked the way she portrayed Bella and agree her portrayal was a great fit opposite Rob's Edward. My only concern is how she'll carry Bella through the rest of the series because there were parts in the books I thought "I can't see Kristin playing this" or that the Bella in the book didn't seem like movie Bella.

    I think her attitude is two fold - over the Twilight mania because its not an oscar level movie and probably a little jealous that all the hype is over Rob =) She's making big bucks and has plenty of work for a while now so she'll need to get over it LOL

  4. Kristin Stewart is whiney and annoying and her attitude sucks. She plays a good Bella because Bella is whiney and annoying.