Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another reason Prince Charming had no date for the ball...

Entertainmentwise reports that Rob has been giving visibly excited fan girls the brush-off.

A source tells the UK's Star magazine, "He wouldn't make eye contact with any girl that even looked at him.

"He had this night look on his face and he looked really annoyed. He was really unapproachable."

With the hoards of paparazzi and obvious repulsion to attention, who can blame him for keeping to himself?

I just hope he can make it through this Twilight fan frenzy for another few years unscathed...


  1. I feel bad for the guy! Some of the young fans dont see Rob Pattionson they only see Edward Cullen which he is not. I saw on an interview that in the beginning he wasn't even sure he wanted to do a teen movie. I think now he probably wishes he woudlnt have. But i guess the money cant be a bad thing right? haha

  2. I think that's exactly right, and I feel so bad for him, too. It's amazing the number of fans of all ages, but at least the mature fans tend to recognize Robert as a person who is simply a catalyst for the ever-alluring Edward Cullen.

    The money's got to be a great buffer, though! ;)