Thursday, July 9, 2009

You're so vain - NOT!

After yesterday's LUSCIOUS Hump Day pics of Rob (below), looks like there's more coming our way from Vanity Fair! Yes, as reported by EOnline, VF will be featuring our hearthROB in an upcoming issue, probably timed for the New Moon release in November. Even more jaw porn for us to pin up on our walls (well, at lease that's what I do in my home office).

Last December the Twilight cast had a sexy shoot in VF, so what I wonder is, if VF can make little miss innocent Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) look a little too grown up, what on earth could they do to make Rob more tempting? After his appearance in GQ, I'm pretty sure I saw newstands bursting into flames and women everywhere swooning and forgetting how to breathe. (I think I stop breathing everytime I see Rob looking at me with those bedroom eyes lying across my bed in that white tshirt. . .I mean, at least I dream about him lying across my bed like that, which would explain the gasping that woke me up in the middle of the night)

Be on the lookout for your copy this fall!


  1. {Drool} I don't know how they could possibly make him any sexier but if they do I'm quite certain my panties will spontaneously combust. I'll have to remember to pack an extra pair (or two) when that mag comes out...

  2. @JJ-I better hurry and get those Twitardant panties into production!

    @PB--I am foreseeing many mature women going to their local copy center and asking to have their US pull-out poster of "The Heartthrob" Rob laminated for obvious reasons. While you at it have them add in an easel support for maximum support on the soft surface or your bed.

  3. OH yeah, they were SMOKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh, and be sure to laminate wet Rob so you can take him in the showere with you!

  5. Uggh, I meant shower....need spellcheck.