Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wake Up San Diego: Rob is headed your way!

Its official - E Online's Ted Casablanca confirmed our fave hawt vampire will attend Comic Con in San Diego, along with KStew, which is sure to set off alarms all over the city!

We're assured by our knowledgeable sources that, as of now, R.Pattz is a definite go to hit the San Diego festival. And he won't be traveling alone. Kristen Stewart will be by his side, too! With Robsten's over-the-top filming schedule, not to mention the vicious rumors flying around about the couple, Kristen and Rob have had quite the past couple of weeks.

Rumors abound that KStew has kicked her long time beau to the curb. . .could a steamy "Robsten" reunion be in the making? I for one am not a Robsten fan - I prefer they keep the chemistry on the screen because, let's face it, she's just not good enough for him in real life!


  1. Good enough for him or not, the two of them together at the convention pretty much guarantees that it will be utter fan pandemonium. Sad that I won't be able to see it first hand but looking forward to the pics!

  2. I don't believe the rumors about them. But I do believe that those rumors keep them in the public eye and any attention is good for the movie. I only mean it keeps the movie popular. I like them both but tend to think their private lives are their own....I am so glad they will be at the convention... wish I was going to be there too. Looking forward to pictures similar to last year.