Monday, July 6, 2009

Thanks to MMAV for the bloggy award!

I'm so honored- Make Me a Vampire was kind enough to me their 2009 Best Twilight Blog Award:

We're celebrating our hundredth blog post by handing out Make Me a Vampire's 2009 Best Twilight Blog Award. (Okay, so this is our 94th post, but we like to start early). So, the award goes tooo... the one and only Twilight Moonlighter! Here's your award!

Twilight Moonlighter, also known as Pillow Biters, was kind enough to take some time off from her busy blogging schedule to let me interview her.

I'm not THAT narcissistic to post my interview here- head on over to MMAV if you want to read it!


In order to celebrate, I present to you.... eye-candy lusciousness...

I found out last night that Amcas is a Robporn dealer of all kinds of yumminess- head over to her for some drunk tweetin, Rob spying good fun!


  1. Yay PB!! Congrats. And thanks for the lovely yum. It's the perfect way to celebrate.

  2. Congrats!!!!! That's awesome! Enjoy the accolades, we all love checkin' in with you for updates!

  3. Yeah!!! Go you!! I agree you deserve an award!

  4. Ohhh Congrats!! And i can never got enough fro those pics! Thank you:-))

  5. Congratulations!!!!! We all <3 U!

    Dang, 2 days in a row of being referenced as a ROBPORN dealer on am just too cool for school these days!

    On the other hand I AM now being called a RobPorn dealer....hmmmmmmm??????

  6. Congratulations!!!You deserve it!!

  7. You're welcome, PB :D You definitely deserve it, because a) you rock and b) so does your blog.

  8. OME- You guys rock! Thanks for the love; I puffy heart you all!

    But I'd drop ya'll in a heartbeat for some Robward puffy love. You understand, right? I'd expect nothing less from any of you! ;)