Tuesday, July 7, 2009

RAWR - Taylor Lautner joins Comic Con too!

That RAWR was for you, Twilight Moonlighter! RobPattzNews reports on Twitter that TayLautnerDaily has confirmed Taylor will be at Comic Con San Diego - completing the Twilight love triangle with his co-stars!

Check out the details here! http://bit.ly/2xSf7P

Hmmm, I think Southwest has cheap flights from my town to San Diego. . .I could crash with my aunt, get some sun, eat some BBQ at that little place where they filmed the last scene in Top Gun. . .dang Tom Cruise was a hotty before he went all crazy jumping on Oprah's couch. . .um sorry, where was I again?

SORRY - got distracted there for a sec by some wolfy vibes =) Sure wish they'd all make a surprise appearance at the Twilight Convention I'm attending next month in NJ!

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  1. Hey K...we got a Room that is within walking distance of the madness...and an extra tic...email us!
    ~Robsten Lovers