Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pucker up: vamp vs. wolf

In my search for news worth reporting I found this tasty treasure for you to enjoy from Ted Casablanca at E!Online entitled "Whose Puckers Are More Luscious"

(if this were another fave blog of mine that's got more of an R rating - R for RAWR of course - I might wonder if one of the words in the title was misspelled. . .however, snarky as I am, I cannot in my right mind think about a word like that with young 'un Taylor on the same page here!)

It is well known that, having been Cullenized, I am 100% Team Edward (even though I get really angry with Bella for putting Jake through all that she does). . .so I must vote for Rob in this case. Plus, although Taylor is all bulked up and looking oh so fine, I just can't bring myself to want to kiss him (except on the cheek maybe, or his big. . .shoulder. HELLO, where is your mind?!)

Read the rest of Ted's deets on this here - and for the record, I did vote for Taylor having better abs in Ted's Round 5 from yesterday because, come on, its so obviously true, seriously!


  1. Taylor's big. shoulder?! Cullenized- you sooo made me LOL!!

    Sigh... I've got to vote for Rob on this one as well... mmmmm, those lips. And that jaw. Makes me need to bite a pillow.

  2. I have to say taylor for this one