Friday, July 3, 2009

Laura's set-stalking adventure

Laura from His Crooked Smiles caught up with Rob yesterday who smiled at her. Here's a snippet- go to Radar Online for more and for the video!

When the cameras weren't on him, Rob just seemed to be looking down at his feet, and concentrating (maybe on tuning everybody out - I wonder whether he's speculated at taking the London stage role because he's so used to acting with a large immediate audience) and, of course, doing everyone's favourite hands-through-the-hair move *swoon* I kept expecting him to light up too but where's a guy in NYC going to have a smoke?!

I did feel bad for Rob with all the attention - it must make it hard to concentrate - but when he walked past again later and looked up and smiled, it was definitely a genuine smile not a "yeah, thanks - whatevs"... or maybe he just heard my British accent ;)