Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've been on Team Edward but. . .

I feel a strong gravitational pull toward Team Switzerland with Twilight Moonlighter because, I mean, come on. . .just look at these pics from EOnline. HELLO - can someone call Taylor's parents and tell them to control their son's unabashed penchant for showing off his hotness? Its just not right for a BOY (yes, he is still a boy) to look so good in front of so many drooling older women obsessed with Twilight!

Of course this is my very fave shot of Edward as he enters the cafeteria and Bella's all "who's that?" which I can't even believe she can say without stuttering because every time I watch the movie I squeal and clap when he comes through that door (just ask my sister!).

All I can say is come on November because while I'll be armed with the Costco bulk tissues when I head to the theater, I may just be bringing a towel too to mop up all my sweat and drool over seeing Jacob's bareness!

Check out EOnline's new daily poll, appropriately titled, "Whose Beast is Best?" here

and get your minds out of the gutter on the "beast" line!


  1. I know I'm totally creepy for knowing this and pointing it out, but that photo is actually of Edward in the hospital. In the cafeteria he wears a black long sleeved shirt with the sleeves pushed up. I will say he looks equally yummy in both senarios. ;)

  2. I hate when awesome Twilighters are anonymous! Be proud y'all!

    So I've been Team Jacob from the start and I have no problem ogling a 17-year-old. Yup. I'm THAT girl.