Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hump Day: The "Rob is all wet and so are we" edition

Ooh, that sounded crass! Regardless, these pics are all a flitter on Twitter right now, and for good reason!

Pick up your July 20 issue of US Weekly for a finger lickin' good swoon!

Thanks to Lara!

Want to see these up close and personal enough to lick? Check out the HQ pics at ROBsessed!


  1. Just when I'd sworn off buying that crap . . . . looks like I will need to feed the addiction one more time! These photos look like epic win material to me.

    Well . . .except for the denim . . .who was allowed to dress this man? That vest is both retarded looking and IN THE WAY.

  2. Well, the leather is my favorite, but that man makes anything look good, even a sorry denim vest. But so true- who dressed him? Poor baby; no wonder he's addicted to flannel (which also looks hot on him, btw...) even stylists aren't giving him good dressing tips.

    That's part of his appeal, though, being a clueless dresser... h.o.t.

  3. I. AM. DIED. O Rob!!!! Wow!!!!!!*swooning*

  4. Oh the teenager in me is going a little more than crazy right seriously. need. a. drink. of. cold. water. now.

  5. Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuu...

    [that's all i got.]

  6. SEX.
    i mean err sexyy

  7. So ticked that I let my subscription lapse...I'll have to pick this puppy up today in the airport (fingers crossed!).