Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hump Day: The "I'm flippin mad I'm not at Comic-Con today- bring on the Robporn" edition

Anyone else BUMMED because of a missed opportunity to go to Comic-Con? I'm in a SNIT today because I'm freaking 6 hours north with a family vacation planned instead of hanging with all my new Twilight bloggy friends and the cast and a sneak peek of New Moon. I could just bite nails. Real ones.

Thank goodness for Amcas, my Robporn dealer, for coming through with a Hump Day pic- in her words:

This one is potent enough to cause pregnancy.

Anyone else got anything to share? Lick your wounds for not being at Comic-con and send them over:

Then check this post throughout the day (and night) for more.

Ugh- she's KILLING me- this video makes me want to do naughty things...


  1. Nice! Sometimes I embaress myself...I need a twitter filter! Of course, if you DO enjoy the Robporn, then it's all worth it. My blog is full of similar goodies!

    Love ya TM!

  2. Potent enough to cause pregnancy! LOL!

    I'm a bit sad that I didn't go to Twi-Con. Though, I would probably have ended up hunched over a flask in the corner twitting snarky comments the entire time so perhaps it was better STY and I didn't go. Maybe next year...

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. I actually live in freakin' San Diego and am not going. If it will make you feel any better, it's already a zoo down there. I drove downtown about an hour ago to pick up tix for the Twilight movie thing tomorrow night (I'm taking my teenage daughter aka My Twilight Beard, but that's another story) and people are already lined up with tents.

  4. People are lined up already?! WOW. That makes me feel a tad bit better; I tend to turn into a beeyotch in crowds.

  5. I was just telling The Hubs that I'm glad I didn't go because I wouldn't have flown out until this evening. There's no way I would bee in the hall tomorrow for the New Moon panel. Makes me feel so much better about it.

  6. Nice work on that video... I must post it also if you don't mind! I may have blacked out momentarily... that's some hawt shit!