Friday, July 17, 2009

Have sleeping bag. . .will travel

Hmmm. . .Rob carrying around a sleeping bag. . .doesn't sound so sexy, right? But it is Rob, so surely it must be some kinda wonderful to see him walking around NYC like this:

And a pink sleeping bag at that! I think he's actually headed to my house and frankly, I don't care what color the sleeping bag is. . .hell, he doesn't even need a sleeping bag if he's coming to my house because its not like he'd be sleeping, right?! (in my dream world)
Anywho. . .ROBsessed has the rest of the adorable pics, along with some great commentary here - be sure to check it out


  1. Ooh la la!!!*swooning* awww, wow! Oh that Rob, so swoony good!

  2. OMG, so once I read the top part of your post, and saw the picture, I'm pretty sure everything you said under the photo was exactly what I was thinking!!!! Too funny!