Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fashion deets of the week: Bella's fugly fancy shoes

Make Me a Vampire discusses Bella's shoes today in her fashion post of the week. Aside from her Vans *gag*, she also scored the deets on her birthday shoes:

Thanks to newly released New Moon pictures, including this pic from the Bella's birthday scene, I'm also able to give you the details on exactly what kind of shoes Bella is wearing to her birthday party; they're called Vans Gisele in Black Turtledove Linen (that is one long name for a shoe, if you ask me):
With its cute, casual style, the Vans Gisele is easy on the eyes and on the sole. This mary-jane inspired style offers extra appeal with a ribbed toe bumper and double-stitched topline. An unobtrusive instep strap, fastened with Velcro, completes this comfort-loving look.
Anyway, I am fairly sure about this one, that these shoes are actually the exact pair Bella is wearing in New Moon. And I guess I'm not the only one who's figured this one out, because the shoes are currently sold out in every internet shop I've seen so far. Here they are:I, for one, am awed that anyone could figure these things out. I'll spend $300 on a Dooney & Bourke purse, but my shoes consist of Target flip flops, black slip on doo-hickies from Payless Shoe Source, some tennies for working out and a snazzy silver sparkly number for wooing Edward Cullen fancy events.

But if fashion's your thing, MMAV has all the latest New Moon trends!


  1. ROFLMAO! I'm one of those who will spend big money on a purse and not on shoes.. I dont "do" flipflops.. Not my thing.. but a new purse.. Oh yeah! I have a huge purse fetish!

  2. LOL! I am the EXACT opposite. ML once made me count all my shoes. 78 pairs. Not counting the three new sandals I got (and yes, I'm quite aware that this is 'a problem', lol).

    And, um, I really want those shoes now. Because they would be PERFECT with a couple of cute dresses I have...

    And I use tote bags as purses so... that evens it out, right?

  3. @Jenny Jerkface- it all depends. Is it a Twilight tote?

  4. Before hurricane ike took out my closet I had somewhere over 30 some odd bags/purses.. after hurricane ike i'm down to 2.. My heart hurts b/c of it.. I own 2 pairs of shoes well 3 now if you count the wedges I keep in the top of my closet..

  5. Anyone know how much they are? Lol and yeah i guess im a little the same, i just think spending a lot on shoes isnt great, because they can wear out, but i dont mind having lots of shoes. If that makes sense...?