Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Edward Cullen vs. Bill what's his face from that True Blood show

Horror Blips asked me to participate in their showdown- Edward Cullen vs. Bill Compton. I have not become a traitor, yet, though sources tell me True Blood is yummy...

Here's my biased answer- go catch the rest of the opinions, including TwiCrack and Cullen Boys Anonymous at HorrorBlips and ShowHype!

Vampires Bloodbound by ebrocklavitch.
We asked several vampire experts their opinion on this hypothetical smack down. Their responses were mixed. Read on to see which of these two powerful playboys they think might be the victor. And all comments are welcome, so feel free to add your own opinions!

Kim, Editor, Twilight Parents Examiner and Twilight Moonlighter
Call me biased; with the moniker Twilight Moonlighter and Twilight Parents Examiner, it’s no surprise that I’d choose Edward Cullen the winner of a fight over “True Blood’s” Bill Compton.

Edward Cullen, throughout the saga, shows an incredible amount of restraint. From avoiding human blood, to his “almost” trysts with Bella, and even his ability to leave Bella in "New Moon" despite the burn for her aching in his heart, Edward has truly harnessed his inner masochism.

Conversely, when he needs to unleash his rage, Edward has the ability to destroy whatever obstacle he needs to in the name of love, honor and integrity. His extraordinary speed and ability to read minds only serves to help his cause.

Edward’s characterization as a “pretty boy” should not deter the reader from accepting his lethal attributes. Though Edward’s chiseled jaw line, sensuous smell and ability to “sparkle” in the sunlight are a source of much criticism, ultimately, his ability to hone into himself makes him the leader of the pack. Oh wait. That’s Jacob.

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