Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cullenized joins Twilight Moonlighter team!

About three things I am absolutely positive. . .

First, Twilight Moonlighter ROCKS SOCKS!
Second, there is a part of me - and a very dominant part - that wants to be just like her!
Third, I am unconditionally and irrevocably grateful for the opportunity to help her with this amazing blog!

Cullenized here, with my first official post as part of the Twilight Moonlighter team! Many of you wondered "what is Cullenized?" and "how soon is 'soon'?". . .so let me start at the beginning:

TM/PB needed help + I want to take my love of all things Twilight to a new level + I want to gain some online experience = Cullenized the bloggy apprentice!

What is Cullenized?
Like you, I have a major case of OCD since being initiated to the Twilight world last December (first the movie, then the books over, and over, and over, and over, and over again) - it has transformed my life through a process I like to call "Cullenization," which has left me Cullenized. (sjAimee, I liked the word too, it makes me giddy just to have it as my name LOL!) Also like you, I am addicted to TM and all the snarky, spicy, and sparkly news she brings our way about our fave vamps, wolves and some humans. So technically, you've all been Cullenized (just like Anonymous says below)!

A brief Cullenography:
In real life I'm a wife, mom, and business woman, and Twilight has brought back swooning, giggles, heartbreak and recovery (New Moon, 'nuf said), hope and spice to my life in ways I could never have imagined (and I have a pretty vivid imagination!). It calms my stress, gives me a new way to relate to my 12 year old, has led to in-depth conversations with complete strangers carrying the books, gives my sister and I something else to go crazy over, and makes my husband roll his eyes (but that's ok because he reminds me of Emmett anyway!). All in all, its had a profound effect on my life - the newest, most exciting development being my TM blog apprenticeship!

So I am really excited, nervous, anxious and terrified to be here!! (and still trying to remember to breathe) I hope I can live up to the hype of TM's introduction of me and the AMAZING world she's built here. You can trust that I will work very hard to follow her lead and contribute to the best of my ability. All I ask is for your patience - I am a blog-virgin and this is a whole new world to me. Please go easy on me and definitely feel free to give me your feedback so I can keep getting better.

And now that I can exhale as I publish this first post, I'm off to enjoy a few beverages with the neighbors. . .Happy Independence Day everyone! Be Safe



  1. sorry my first post was SOOOO long! promise to keep them more manageable in the future =)

  2. Then I welcome you to Happy-Twi-Blog world:-) Here´s a good place to stay. I love your name! It´s great.

    So have fun and "read you" soon.

  3. Looking forward to your next post...
    your cullenography = the story of my life. ;-)

  4. Welcome!! Looking forward to your posts! Isn't PB the BEST?! I know you'll enjoy doing this with her!!! Just the name "Cullenized" alone makes me giddy LOL. Happy 4th!

  5. Looking forward to hearing more from you Happy July 4th from North of the Border and a cullen junky!

  6. Welcome Cullenized!! I think its awesome that our Twiobsessions have given us a youthful makeover!

  7. Hi! And Welcome.. I just luv your choice of name.. Makes me want to be apart of the cullenization project. Maybe we could start a 'project' lol..

    Nehow welcome to the twidom part of bloggerland..or is it the bloggerland part of twidom..

  8. Good luck!!! We can't wait to see what ya got! Welcome to the Club!!!
    ~Robsten Lovers

  9. Hi Cullenized! Looking forward to reading more of your stuff here...

    : )

  10. I'm excited, looking forward to your posts!!!