Monday, July 20, 2009

C'mon Hermione: Surely Edward would be better than Ron, right?

I'm not a big Potter fan (that's Harry, not Beatrix - for the record, I am a Beatrix Potter fan and I enjoyed reading all those stories to my kids when they were little, when my brain was in new mommy mush. . .thankfully, I've moved on to spicier choices like Twilight). I mean, ok, I like the movies, they're fine and all (especially Goblet of Fire with the first glimpses of Rob's hotness as Cedric Diggory), and I admire JK Rowling's success story as a writer.
But. . .I cannot define HP as a hottie (and definitely not Ron). Nice guys? Yep. Magical? Gotta give them that. Facing all kinds of scary stuff. . .well, not like scary (yet hot) vampires like James! Nope, can't consider them hot in my book.

Which is why I have to giggle at Emma Watson's commentary on our hearthROB in this article on ETOnline:
"[Pattinson] is a super nice guy," the actress tells ET. "I'm really happy for him that he's gone on to be so uber successful. It's really good."

"Uber successful?" Uber? Seriously, who uses that word? Might be likely they won't use that word at whatever US university Emma plans to attend (as she recently announced). I do like Emma, I thinks she's grown up beautifully and Ron's no match for her LOL

hee hee. . .Emma said "Uber"

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