Saturday, July 25, 2009

Are you kidding me? Cutting in line at Comic-Con turns heated

In line at Comic-Con, girls were complaining that people at the front of the line were cutting. Read about the whole altercation HERE (including a video!)- here's a snippet:

Security told them that each person was allowed to hold three spaces in line and that that was a courtesy granted to them. "You are actually loitering," said one of the security guards. The girls countered by saying that if one person can hold three spots, then if one of those people came, then they could also hold three spots, and the line in front of them would increase exponentially.

The girls proceeded to say that it was also "creepy" that some of the women were so adamant about going to a panel to see a teenager (Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob -- apparently the moms were on Team Jacob).

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