Thursday, July 23, 2009

All hail the Twilight naysayer

A fellow Examiner recently wrote this:

And if you're an adult and you're into this nonsense, we're looking at a bigger problem. Take, for instance, this site. If you're still here, lemme tell you what that link does. It transports you to a genuinely creepy place called "Twilight Moms." A place for moms who love "Twilight" just as much as their teenage daughters. One can't help but imagine this is some sort of desperate attempt at bonding by a group of middle-aged women who have lost the ability to communicate with the surly, moody, ever-fickle being they call a "teenage daughter." And if it's not, then the alternative is even more depressing: you're an adult who reads a series of vampire romance books marketed to teenage girls, written at their 9th grade reading level. Wow. For the woman who finds all those bodice-ripping romance novels too "Porn-y", there's always "Twilight".

Before you get too heated, read my rebuttal HERE. All in good fun!!

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