Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Twilight Clue Contest Begins!!

In honor of Edward Cullen's birthday, Peace, Love Twilight is hosting a fantastic contest! Here's the overview- go check out her site for the in-depth deets:

Here's how Twilight Clue works:
*Bella Swan has been found dead. It is your job to figure out who killed her, where they did it, and what they used to kill her!*

There are 45 "clues" you will be given. There are 15 Twilight characters as suspect perpetrators of the crime, or possible "murderers". There's 15 Twilight places as possible "scenes-of-the-crime" where the murderer may have committed the crime. There are also 15 Twilight-related possible "weapons" that the murderer may have used to kill Bella.

I will give you NINE clues each day for five days. Every clue will be hidden somewhere on one of the participating sites. (See below) However, out the 45 total clues, there will be 3 you will not be able to find on any site: one person, one place, and one weapon. These are your guilty three. On the fifth day (tomorrow, June 21 is Day One and Thursday, June 25 is Day Five) I will put up a form. You will submit the guilty person, scene-of-the-crime, and weapon.

Sites participating:

The prizes are insane (can you say concert ticket?)- Go to PLT for all the details, and let the fun begin!!!

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