Monday, June 1, 2009

The Singer with the Velvet Voice

The Singer with the Velvet Voice

As I sat in the club
Through smoke filled haze

The view of the singer
Threw me into a daze

With the face of an Angel
so tortured and bared

I couldn't break loose
Of his smoldering stare

As he strummed and sang
His soulful tune

I was carried away
As I floated toward the moon

Those soulful eyes
they burned through mine

The flames so hot
I lost track of time

When I heard his voice
Pour out of his heart

I felt the pierce
of an invisible dart

Wine and honey
Were never as smooth

As the man whose voice
Made my very soul move
How To Be Still by musicgrl87.
by Suzanne


  1. Oh Suz! I love it! Thank you for having the courage to post it! SOOOOO good!!!!

  2. Suzanne, soo swoony. Love it. Nice job! What song was he siging?

  3. "I was Broken", swooned me over bigtime!! :)

  4. where can i listen this song