Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Robert Pattinson speaks perfect Queen's English. swoon.

Books on Film Examiner Connie lists 13 reasons why smart girls love Rob... sigh....

Ok, I just swooned reading this article, especially learning that he has a fabulous British dialect:

6.) He knows how to be a gentleman and when. Somehow, to Americans, it goes with the charming British accent thing, but, more importantly, it shows a good upbringing. Robert Pattinson appears to have good instincts for when to be silly and when to be respectful. The maturity to know the difference is unusual for someone his age, and smart girls, who also tend to be rather mature for their ages, appreciate that. The British accent thing? Well, let's just say that smart girls know that one British accent does not a gentleman make, but perhaps the nerdiest among them may also take a special pleasure in the fact that Robert speaks perfect Queen's English and not in a more folksy, Cockney dialect (Americans are not generally aware of the social class bias that can sometimes get tied up with this distinction in England).

Read the whole thing HERE!, then check out the Twilight Parents Examiner page while you're at it!


  1. I love his speech, diction and articulation...gulp..

  2. Like I said in the chat box--I am wicked smart. :)