Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rob in the top 3 most eligible British bachelors

Rob is the 3rd of 50 of Britain's most eligible bachelors, says Company Magazine. Get the scoop here!

A snippet as reported by the UK Telegraph:

1. Prince Harry - 24, from London. When Company contacted Prince Harry to inform him of his new accolade - Company's Most Eligible Bachelor of the Year Award - a spokesman said: "We shall pass on the good news to Prince Harry."

2. George Lamb - 29, from Dundee, Scotland. Scottish-born funny man George is Dermot O'Leary's successor on BBLB, and son of Eastenders actor Larry Lamb.

3. Robert Pattinson - 23, from Barnes, London. The boy from Barnes became a Hollywood heart-throb overnight when he starred in vampire film Twilight.

The majority of the list features men in their 20's. Are boys getting more handsome these days, or is it a quarter-to mid-life crisis that we moms are having?

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