Thursday, June 11, 2009

My interview with Lauren from Lauren's Bite

Love Lauren's Bite? Read my interview with her HERE and love Lauren even more! Here's a snippet:

Lauren is a perky newlywed with a pension for “Pocket Edward” and a flair for fancy words. Her coining of the word Pocket Edward has been replicated by many bloggers, as has her style of blogging. In Lauren concocts a barbell for Edward using a Q-tip and tinfoil. An excerpt reads, “After lifting weights, Pocket Edward begged for me to go on a run with him. No, I didn't ride on his back. That would have been freakin insane. My nose is longer than his body.”

Read more about Lauren, her husband Tedward, and her uncanny ability to provide readers with food for thought, a great chuckle, and a fab recipe for chicken enchiladas.


  1. Great Article!!!I need to subscribe to it from now on. :)