Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If this doesn't make you follow Peter Facinelli, then there's no hope for you

Thanks to Ginger_Swan from Twilight-Headed for writing on her cat. That's dedicaton!

Oh, and while you're laughing, follow Peter Facinelli on Twitter, and get a couple of friends to do the same! And check out this list of awesome Twi-sites dedicated to Peter and his Twitter challenge!


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa hooow coooool is thaaat :DD

  2. Wow, that's creepy... like... seriously!

  3. I'm trying sooooooooo very hard not to laugh about this.. It shouldn't be funny. I should NOT be laughing. But the cat just looks so damn pissed off and I can't stop laughing.