Monday, June 8, 2009

Gil Birmingham interview kicks off the new Twilight Parent Examiner page!

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Kicking off my page- my recent interview with Quileute patriarch, Gil Birmingham. Read a snippet of our interview- be sure to check out the whole interview here!

Because Billy Black is one of the few Quileutes who is not a werewolf, your role adds a different level of complexity. What did you add to your character in order to seamlessly connect with Jacob’s character as well as the rest of the werewolf clan?

Billy simply loves his son and his family (tribe). Billy is the wise tribal leader, who, because he isn’t a werewolf, understands the dangers and complexities of the “tentative” peace between the Cullens and the Quileute tribe. He knows the dangers that the Cullens present to Bella and others. Billy is the glue that holds the tribe and its traditions together.

In what ways are you and Billy Black similar?

We’re both “down with the kids.” We both have a genuine compassion for the human condition. We both recharge our souls with Mother Nature, and we both keep it real.


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