Saturday, June 6, 2009

Exclusive New Moon tees at Hot Topic

In the mood to shop this weekend? Head over to Hot Topic for their brand-new selection of New Moon tees! They run from $22-$26...
Thanks to TwiGossip for the tip!


  1. Oh my! Time to go back haunting my local Hot Topic! I won't even bother pretending and mumbling something about "shopping for my niece" - I am owning my obsession these days! Er, sort of... At least in Hot Topic... (I think the people who work there are on to chicks like me anyway - lol...).

  2. Aww, STY! You've come out of hiding! Sooo glad to have you back!

    I was gonna answer your e-mail in between cleaning up puke yesterday; sorry that never happened...

    Me in a Hot Topic store is srsly like lipstick on a pig. Scary. I'm a Cafe Press/ custom-design type chick. :)

  3. I got my shirt on Friday. It is awesome! Also, in my local store, select Twilight merch is on clearance. I got my daughter a shirt with the bad vamps and a pin that says "I <3 BOYS WHO SPARKLE". lol