Thursday, June 4, 2009

Even with fame, Rob is still Rob. <3

MTV talked to Rob's co-stars about his rapid transformation from no-name indie film guy to high roller A-lister:

"Italy was intense," Ashley Greene marveled. "We literally all had two bodyguards and drivers, and we couldn't walk and had to be driven around the set. It was because there were thousands of girls that came in from everywhere in the world to see [Pattinson]. ... They would sleep over and stay the night outside our hotel gate. It was nuts."

"Every second of Rob's life is watched now," Kellan Lutz added, saying that Rob has had to adjust some habits to handle the increased scrutiny. "I'm sure he's careful for everything he's doing."

"I've talked to Rob about it, and he's just paranoid all the time now," Peter Facinelli revealed, admitting that the newfound fame does sometimes become difficult for his onscreen son. "Like, even to go down to the Starbucks, he's ducking behind cars and does a roll-flip to the coffee shop. Then he gets up, and there's nobody there — but then the one time that he doesn't do that, that's when there's like 10,000 paparazzi jumping out of the bushes."

"It's hard," agreed his onscreen wife, Elizabeth Reaser.

But still, despite a level of attention that has driven other celebrities (Britney, Lindsay, etc.) down some crazy paths in recent years, Rob's "Twilight" stars insist that he hasn't changed a bit.

"Rob cracks me up every time I hang out with him," Lutz said. "He's just such a great, easygoing guy."

"[His fame] is always growing," Cam Gigandet added. "But Rob is still Rob — which is a good thing."

"He's the same guy that I met before he was world-famous, which is just a really laid-back, quirky, funny British dude," Welch grinned. "[But his notoriety] is crazy. I don't know how he does it. I'm glad I'm Mike, dude."


  1. I understand his being paranoid, but he seems to handle the paps pretty well. Still can't help but feel for the man, must be a crazy life.

  2. There are times when I just feel so badly for even catching a glimpse of a paparazzi picture, but it's stories like these that make me feel down right horrid. hum... :(

  3. @cuteangiek--As always I totally agree.

    He is all over the front covers of all the tabloids now too. Poor guy. Sadly, it is probably not going to tone down for a while either--at least no until all the Twilight movies are completed. I just hope he can figure out a way to get a girlfriend through all this that isn't some fame seeking "you know what".

    Stay gold Rob, stay gold.

  4. Sorry. I'm too selfish. I want him to hold out for me and me alone. I will be INSANELY jealous when he finds a honey. And she BETTER treat him well. srsly.

    Even though i'm *ahem* 10+ years his senior. And happily married with kids. That's not too much to ask, right?