Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Does Jacob being half naked bother you? *spoiler* (sorry, STY)

Cause I'm all over that!

From Twilight Sweden- three official screen caps:
We have just had three new official pictures from New Moon sent to us by Nordisk Film (Nordic Film. A Scandinavian movie and TV production company). These have not yet been released at any website in the USA. OME!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Make Me a Vampire for the tip!


  1. OMG how is it even possible to not love him half naked,Hellloooooo

  2. I am happy yet incredibly disturbed with myself that I think I am going to be able to find his character believable and [lord help me] sexy. OK I am going to go wash my brain out with soap. Somehow. ARG!!

    Wait - I hear a knock at my door... OH NOES! IT'S THAT DUDE FROM TO CATCH A PREDATOR!!!

    : )

  3. AWESOMENESS!!! Diggin' the new name too ;)
    Laura xxx

  4. DAMMIT STY!!! I was going to say the SAME thing.Pthhhp.

    It is just criminal that i find him sexy. Literally.

  5. STY and JJ, A couple of us have already agreed to post each others bail. You guys in? Friends let friends drool over Mr. Lautner.

  6. Totally down with that - we can have a pool of funds - we're definitely gonna need it! Just tell me where to send my money... Wowsers...

    OK feeling dirty again... Not necessarily in a bad way... (((sigh)))

  7. @Snarkier Than You TOO FUNNY!! CATCH A PREDATOR..HEHE I feel the same way..that boy is too young to look so damn good! lol Love the bail posting..hehe friends let friend drool over mr. lautner..hahaha i have to remember that one..too funny!
    I prefer him not to talk though...when he talks..he really sounds his age..blah..lol

  8. omg omg omg
    Taylor's way too young to be so hot
    ugh now I feel dirty for even looking at him
    can't help it though... *sigh*
    just a few month's till he's legal

  9. Bail AGAIN? What the hell! I like getting my fingerprints taken! ;)

  10. I will bail you ladies out any day. He looks mighty fine but thankfully there is a legal (though barely in comparison to my age) hawty to lust after. I am a Rob man all the way. Give me the tall, lanky, scruffy, pasty white boy. However, I am most happy that there will be LOTS to look at throughout the entirety of New Moon.

  11. When is he going to be 18? I think I'll avoid putting my thoughts into any form that can be subpoenaed until after then ;)

  12. eff it! send me to jail, cause i cant help myself!

    dear movie-jacob/taylor,
    i am very bothered...hot and bothered. thanks for asking.
    ps...you are my new laptop wallpaper.

    who is willing to come to alaska and bail me out?!

  13. Great, my son is older by 2 months. What does that make me???? I think a nuthouse is more appropriate for me...But look at him, I so know that I am going to cry all the way through NM for him!

  14. @kdgrimmer-I am in Seattle--not too far. I can be your back-up lifeline call :)

  15. @VitaminR70 -*phew* thanks! i was getting a little worried thinking about spending time in jail here! =D