Sunday, June 21, 2009

Be Safe

While dh was inside playing video games with the kids for Father's Day (yep- he ROCKS. I love him so much.) I was out cleaning up the yes, ma'am van getting it all sparkly and ready for this:

That's right. I went there. Threw up Twilight all over my van for the world to see.

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Where did you order that/purchase that decal? It's awesome!!

  2. That is friggin awesome!!!!!

  3. I Like it! I think hubs would freak out on me..LOL

  4. O.M.E. That's fantastic!!! And hey - nobody can question you for putting "be safe" on your vehicle!! Well played, TM, well played indeed...

    Now give up the deets on where you came by this wonderful decal (or whatever it is?) - I am totally jealous!

    : )

  5. Woo Hoo! I might even be able to get away with that one!! LOL

  6. Ebay- $5.99. Just type in Twilight decals.

    @Snarky, *curtsies* thank you. This is as CLOSE to blatant Twilight as I could get away with. I tell dh to "be safe" every day before he leaves for work, so how could he deny me this?

    He did raise an eyebrow when my daughter told him what I'd done, though... ;)

    Twilight loophole discovered. check.

  7. Oh that's much better than my "Twilight car design". A while ago I posted some ideas for "Twilight Gifts for free" on my blog, supposed to be a joke. One of them was this:

    "A real unique gift idea for hardcore Twilight fans who already have everything.
    Makes a hell of an impact, you'll see!
    All you need is a good old sledgehammer or something similar.
    Smash a clearly visible dent into your wife's or friend's car.
    Wait until she screams, then say the words:
    "Can't you just thank me and get over it?""

    see picture here

    The very next day I found a remarkable dent in my left front fender (hit and run, of course). What the Forks...?!
    Instead of having the damage fixed (just couldn't be bothered to do so) I made myself a bumber sticker with those famous words and placed it right on the dent.

    One of my work mates even said, the dent would look exactly as if someone had pressed his hand in the fender...

  8. Yeah, I put a "Warning - I drive like a Cullen" license plate frame on my Mustang awhile back and officially crossed the line into being a public freak. People (ie: females 20-40 years old) stop me in parking lots all the time to say they like it. Then we both give a knowing smile, a longing sigh, and move on. My husband didn't notice for a few weeks, which means he was subconsciously OK with it (right?)

  9. That is awesome. I have Twilighter in big silver sparkley letters on my back window. I love it, but I'm sure there are many people who get a good laugh out of it. Oh well, I'm still not ashamed.

  10. you can also get decals at for anywhere from 3-5 dollars. They have all kinds of twilight merchandise, usually one of a kind and handmade.