Thursday, June 11, 2009

Alas- Which vamp do I chat it up with first? A fan encounter like no other

Such was Laura's dilemma at the Darling Buds concert where Jamie Campbell Bower was writhing on stage while British bud Charlie Bewley watched from the sidelines.

Laura, of His Crooked Smile, had a close encounter with both Jamie (Caius) and Charlie (Demetri). Here's a snippet-check out Jamie's jam session over at Radar Online!

After a couple of songs, he (Jamie) asked if anyone had something he could drink since his throat was really dry, so I handed him my water bottle (I was standing so close and no one else was offering). He said something to the effect of “thank you – sorry, that’s really gross of me isn’t it?” to which I joked “are you suggesting I’m gross?!” and he said “nono, you’re gorgeous for lending me your drink” (random use of the word “gorgeous” much, anyone?!) as he handed it back, but I said “I can’t take it now – everyone here will think I’m weird for wanting it back” and he replied “nono, I don’t think you’re weird – please, it’s yours” by which time the drummer, Dan was like “I’ll have it!” – it was all very amusing!

After the show, we waited for him to pack up and say hello to some industry types - that’s when we first spotted Charlie Bewley (“Demetri” in New Moon – bad vampire double bonus!) coming up to the stage to congratulate his friend on the great gig. Charlie saw me spot him and looked like he was waiting for me to do something, but I just smiled casually - I wanted to say hi to Jamie first: I’d see about Charlie later!

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