Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Video: Robert Looking Drop Dead Gorgeous at Cannes *drops dead from gorgeousness*

Video of Robert at Cannes... my heart just sank into my stomach for two reasons:

A) The obvious. His bedroom eyes captivated me and seared naughty thoughts into my brain.
B) The yells of the paps and snaps of the cameras always take me aback. I HATE that part of it.

Thanks for the swoon, Robsessed!


  1. Wow - total hotness.

  2. forget bedroom eyes...f******ck me eyes, haha

  3. You both summed it up very well! OMG, I've been looking at so much Rob that I dreamed about him last night!

  4. Breath, Breath. He is a beautiful, beautiful man. That said, I totally agree with you PB--you can see the hardened shell forming and the innocence lost due to all this craziness...I suppose it is inevitable. I just hope he can maintain his goofy, funny, quirky personality through all this.

    I now need to go try and exorcise those unpure naughty thoughts out of my head. Maybe I will just watch one more time first......

  5. Oh wow. Some how, seeing the wind blowing through his hair just enhances all the hotness that is rolling out of the Cannes.

    How am I supposed to breathe today?