Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Twilight Jewelry fit for the Volturi

The same chick who designs the Twilight Converse chucks, Graphics Designer Sandira Reddy, has expanded her repertoire into jewelry.

Not just jewelry. To die for awesome, Twilight jewelry, sure to make you the envy of all your Twilight friends and encourage naysayers to read the books. Check out these pieces, then head to her site to find out more:

Lion/Lamb necklace

A tribute to Pillow Biters: The Isle Esme necklace features a beautiful feather from the infamous breaking dawn scene! A handcrafted feather charm hangs off a silver plated 18" chain. The feather is accompanied by Edward's gift to Bella - a glittering heart shaped swarovski crystal. These charms are accented with two glass pearls.

Be Safe necklace- Can be customized with a personalized note inside

The Signature piece: The Ultimate Twilight Saga bracelet
An exceptionally detailed Charm Bracelet, full of charms taking you back on the twilight saga journey. It is the ultimate fan accessory!
charm bracelet, features handsculpted book cover inspired charms as well as various pewter charms. The Cullen Crest and two quotes are also featured sealed with hand poured resin. Charms are accented with glass pearls, faceted red, black and glittering Swarovski crystal beads.

Charms include:
Handcrafted Charms:
Glossy White Queen - Inspired by the Breaking Dawn book cover
Glittering Red Pawn -
Inspired by the Breaking Dawn book cover
Detailed Apple - Twilight cover
Ruffled New Moon tulip
Vivid Red Eclipse ribbon charm
Actual Feather - Inspired by the honeymoon scene in Breaking Dawn!

Pewter Charms:
Various Hearts
A Microscope- from the first time they meet in biology
Bella's truck
Twilight engraved tag
Angel wings - Bella often describes Edward as an Angel
Baseball - my favourite scene in the book and movie
Dirt bike
Jacob Wolf
Key - to Edward's heart!


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  4. I'm a guy and as you can expect, I know nothing about this. But my girl showed me this picture this one time and ever since I've been looking to get it(the Signature piece) for her. Her birthday's coming up. Can one of you please help me?

    Thanks a million in anticipation!