Thursday, May 7, 2009

Twi-Cast News and Today's Filming Deets

Twi-Cast News:
Michael Sheen walked around downtown yesterday totally clean shaven, and NOT twittering.

Peter Facinelli visited H&M in the afternoon and stocked up with 5 shopping bags full of gifts for his girls

Kristen Stewart stayed quiet, enjoying her first day off in a while – not including weekends.

Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez were out again last night for dinner, protected by a hulking security guard.

Filming Deets:

Yesterday’s scenes involved the Volturi and Carlisle in a flashback explaining what happens to vampires who break the rules. Then they reject Edward’s request.

Today, Edward is hurled in the air, tossed against a wall when he attempts to protect Bella.

Also on sched: Aro is convinced to release Bella, Edward, and Alice because he sees the vision.
more Sheen pics over at Lainey's place

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