Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sexiest deets about Robert. Ever. EV-ER.*drops dead*

Detailed account from Lainey and a bit more red-carpet pic spam:

Note: Major swooning will occur after reading about Mr. Hunky Spunk...

We were exchanging stories about psycho stalker exes when Robert Pattinson sauntered in – as I tweeted last night – looking like a boy on top of the world. It’s been a triumphant first festival for him, especially since it’s not like he has a film entry. But Cannes is about the full court pimp. And Pattinson has solidified his new super celebrity status as Summit successfully maneuvered their golden boy through Cannes this week culminating on the carpet last night at Inglourious Bastards where he received a very, very enthusiastic welcome.

Here’s Pattinson arriving last night, a significant improvement from carpets past when I’ve seen him all open mouthed inviting flies. On this night, the amount of closed mouth time greatly exceeded the amount of open mouthed time. That he seemed to catch himself mouth wide open and remind himself to close it again quickly so that there are now fewer photos of his open mouth and this is encouraging and you twi-hards should be very proud of him: when a young star can follow instruction, show improvement, it’s a very good sign.

He looked great. Very, very handsome. And there appears to be a new pout that is replacing the gaping. Excellent.

Also– you know how when you put on a pair of heels you walk differently? More confidently? Your gait changes?

A tuxedo is like high heels for Robert Pattinson. Because he has this kinda dorky unmistakable gait. Bounces up and down, he lopes. Last night though it was like he’d been practising walking too. In his tux there was no loping. It was a good gait. And the good gait continued onto the terrace. Almost a strut. But not like he owned the place.

Pattinson arrived with the same two people who accompany him to these events. And another business person. When they sat down, all of them pulled out their blackberries.

He chainsmoked and laughed a lot and his shirt was open at the neck. When he’s comfortable and out of the spotlight, he hardly touches his hair.


  1. swoonsigh - oh the jaw porn!

  2. That 4th pic...sunglasses, suit. Perfection.

  3. I'm sorry... these pictures make me want to do naughty things to him. *drool*

  4. Woah! I love dirty Rob but he looks awfully nice all cleaned up--of course the stubble holds true to his rebellious scruffy ways.