Sunday, May 24, 2009

Set-Stalk VanCity with Twilight Tours

One of the best Vancouver set-stalkers, entertainment journalist Newsflic, is setting up Twilight tours of Vancouver- a MUST see if you'll be out that way:

New Moon filming took place in a number of different locations and communities around the Lower Mainland and Vancouver during the day and night and under extreme security and secrecy.
I was fortunate enough to have found a vast majority of these locations and am putting together a Twilight Tour for Twilight Fans.

Highlights of the tour will include, the Cullen house, the Swan house, Forks High School, Jacob Black's house, the forest where the Werewolves run and many more interesting sights.

The tour will be filled with interesting New Moon facts, fun trivia, stories about filming and the first account of being there while filming to share all the details and answer questions. I have a couple of other Twilight Major Fans on board as well so it will be a great experience for everyone.

You can contact me on my email at if you are interested.

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