Monday, May 18, 2009

Say Hello! to Twilight Moonlighter!

Can't get enough smexy Robert Pattinson news? Check out Hello! Magazine's newest blog, Twilight Moonlighter.... which is me, btw...

I'll be updating it a few times a week with a more in-depth look at what Rob's up to, along with the rest of the Twilight Saga and cast!

Here's a teaser of my first post:

twilight300.jpgIn the wake of Robert Pattinson's 23rd birthday and reprisal of his role as Edward Cullen in New Moon comes a wave of speculation among critics. Has Robert become typecast as a suave romantic lead?

The dreamy-eyed Brit's portrayal of Edward Cullen in teen flick Twilight has roused the libidos of women young and not quite so young around the world. The gasps heard every time he saunters into the cafeteria in his opening scene echo throughout the movie, culminating with his final, anguished kiss with Bella at the prom.

Not one to become caught up in the outpouring of screaming teens, Rob has aligned himself with a variety of roles - a true testament to his desire to submerge himself in the character at hand and not simply a money-making franchise.

Go to Twilight Moonlighter to read the rest!


  1. That's awesome, PB - good for you!! I will definitely go and read the rest of the article - looks great so far!
    : )

  2. PB--that is fantastic! Congrats! I will bookmark it right now and check it out. I am so jealous that you get to write about Twilight all day...oh how I wish. I will just have to live vicariously through you.