Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rob's Mum and Daddy Come to VanCity to Celebrate their Baby Boy's B-day!

Rob's Parents. This is important information, because...

Robert's daddy and mum were at his birthday bash last night! My super sleuthers discovered this--look at the man in the far left on the pic below (Rob at his birthday party last night) and compare him with the pic above:

Newsflic confirms that Rob celebrated his Bday with his Mom, Dad, Kristen, Sam, Ashley, Jamie, some management types and friends.


  1. So glad he got to spend his birthday with his parents and friends :)

  2. Oh that is awesome his parents come out to celebrate with him!

  3. A proud parents!IM happy for they.As Rob,he missing the home whole thing.Now the home comes to him.
    Better later then never.
    Happy Birthday Rob!

  4. aww so sweet mum and dad came to celebrate!!!! :D