Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rob's Bodyguard is Gumby in Disguise

Random things like this make me happy:

Look at the dude in the blue button-up behind Rob who drizzled salsa or some shizz down the front of his shirt. Looks like he has a long-ole Gumby arm wrapped around Rob.

Gumby man: "No, Rob! We've seen the way you run! Don't fall down the stairs; here, let me hold you back!"


  1. LOL!!! it DOES look like that!

    Oh and I think those are splotches of fangirl sweat & tears on his shirt - things can get messy guarding all the hotness...

    : )

  2. Forget sweat and tears! That is straight fangirl blood. They were getting vicious!

  3. You guys are disgusting. It was raining and his shirt was wet from the rain. Also, his hand is on Rob's back...the other hand is Rob's.