Monday, May 18, 2009

Rob Arrives in Nice, Dispels Robsten Rumors, and Makes Me All Swoony...

Rob recently chatted about his difficulties with the ladies due to his newfound stardom.

Pattinson revealed, “It’s very uncomfortable. If you try and chat people up, everyone’s like, ‘Oh, you probably go around sleeping with everybody.’”

He continued, “So it kind of has the converse effect of what you would have thought.” As for the continual rumors that he’s dating costar Kristen Stewart, Rob emphasized, “No! She has a boyfriend. I don’t know where that came from.”

Rob arriving in Nice:


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  1. It's official...he's a twig. His head looks enormous compared to his body - like a lollypop or a Q-tip! Is it just me or did this "slight" boy just get even slighter???? Rob at least EAT something to bulk you up if you're going to work out like a maniac!!! My god - it must be nice to have a metabolism like that!