Friday, May 1, 2009

New Set-Stalking Photos: Movie Theater With Actors!!

OH, SNAP VancityAllie has some AMAZING set shots- the movie theater scene. The lighting looks fabulous! Here's a taste- go to to her site for the entire photo montage and commentary!

Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick on set

ROLLING! Actual on-set movie footage.

The Dead Come Back Poster!!!

How cool that they actually made a custom poster for the movie. How awesome would it be to get a print of one of these?

Taylor Lautner as Jacob

Taylor Lautner was in full getup as Jacob, and he looked good. Black jacket, dark shirt, and blue jeans. Wig looked great tonight and Taylor looked more chiseled than ever.

Mike and Bella talking

Got to see some scenes where Kristen was talking to Mike.

New Moon Director Chris Weitz

This was my first sighting of Chris Weitz, so it was great to see the New Moon director in a fabulous white sweater with a really cool black red and white scarf and jeans.

Mike and Taylor

Mike Welch was looking dapper in a tan spring jacket and light blue button up shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. Perfect for a date night out with Bella.

Thanks, TwiCrack!

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