Monday, May 25, 2009

New Moon cast parties at a pizzeria in Italy *spoiler*

Radar Online has juicy deets on the cast:

While Pattinson flew in from France, co-stars Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart flew together from Vancouver . Another addition to their group? Stewart's boyfriend Michael Angaro. So much for those RPattz romance rumors!

Greene immediately took advantage of the warm climate, happily donning a bikini but in true vampire style, the fair-skinned actress quickly got sunburned. Later in the afternoon, the group stopped by a local pizzeria. That evening, the cast kept the fun going with dinner at a local restaurant near their base location of Montepulciano. As Pattinson enjoyed a beer, Stewart rolled a cigarette as they relaxed with other members of the production.

Flythru Bag


  1. is she smoking a doobie or homemade cigarette??

  2. It's "hand-rolled." One site called it a cigarette, the other a joint.

    If it's hand-rolled, I'm betting on the doobie...

  3. She may just roll her own cigs....when I was a smoker I used to roll my was part of the ritual. She is holding it like a doobie but I seriously doubt she would be doing that in public in Italy.

    I love that Rob is still wearing that hideous shirt. It looks like something from the 80's and quite possibly the most colorful thing he owns. Apparently it is his warm weather shirt.