Saturday, May 2, 2009

Motorcycle scenes- the last night of VanCity shooting. Kristen Stewart rocks her own stunts!

VanCityAllie comes through AGAIN for Twilighters, and she also laments that last night was the last night of shooting in Vancouver:

The Bella Motorcycle Mystery (Twilight New Moon) from VancityAllie on Vimeo.

From VanCityAllie:
Kristen has been doing her own stunts all night on the back of a motorcycle from various angles. These special effects look pretty cool for New Moon. However, in the book, Bella only rides on the dirtbikes with Jacob. And let me assure you, Taylor Lautner was not there and these were not dirtbikes.

My best guess? They changed the movie a bit so that Bella does something rash to see Edward's apparition... she rides on a motorcycle with one of the gang members.

Check it out for yourself. In the last cut, you can hear her say "Stop! Stop!" as part of her lines for that scene.

Kristen Stewart as Bella on back of motorcycle

She decides to go on a joyride with one of the gang members to try to upset Edward into appearing in her head again. Only in this particular movie scene, they actually filmed Rob Pattinson standing right beside Kristen Stewart telling her not to go, with Kristen standing and talking to the gang member beside his bike. (I’m sure they’ll make him an apparition in post-production editing)

Kristen on a bike again with gang member

Kristen walking with the guy on the motorcycle

And let me just say this — Kristen Stewart is one HECK of a cool chica. She did ALL her stunts tonight, at least the ones that I saw. Props for braving it out in the cold Vancouver night on a motorcycle all evening. Major Kudos, Kristen!

Kristen walking with the gang member (not rolling)… I wonder if they kept the same guy as in the first movie? Anyone recognize him? Or is he a stunt person as well as an actor?

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