Friday, May 22, 2009

Montepulciano Sees RED! *spoiler*

The afternoon buzz from Twilight Italia:

We've some pictures to share about the extras that were roaming Montepulciano today.
Each one of them was clad in red. Hoods, robes, t-shirt, caps...everything was red!
It's said that this afternoon there was a little commotion and they think Robert Pattinson was there, but nobody would say that plainly. There are no pictures of him at the airport because he went out through a side exit allowed to the airport staff only.

Today the porsche crew finished working and, from what we understood, tomorrow Robert Pattinson himself will shoot some scene, maybe something related to Edward's desperation before the Volturi's verdict.

It won't be Kristen Stewart to jump in the fountain but hers stunt double, an italian girl.
Right now, Alan Cappelli, the stunt double for Robert Pattinson is waiting in his car to be called to set. We don't know though, what scene they'll shoot.

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