Thursday, May 7, 2009

Make Me a Pillow Biter- THE Contest

That's right. My first ever contest. I've been fortunate enough to have a couple of REALLY talented artists offer their services to YOU, readers!

So, because this is a fairly slow time in the Twilight Saga world, it's a perfect time to have a contest, recruit Pillow Biters worldwide, and give away yummy prizes!

Here's how:

A- Sign up as a Pillow Biter Blogger follower or Twitter follower. Leave a comment to this post with your follower screen name in the comment box as an entry.

B- Already following me? No worries. Recruit a friend, then leave a comment to this post with your follower screen name, along with your recruited friend's follower screen name as well, both in the comment box.

C- OR, if you're already following me, come join my forum, and leave a comment to this post with your forum screen name, yes, in the comment box.

D- Are you a manip enthusiast? We're dying here for something other than a black screen with the words New Moon. Make me something yummy. Send me your original New Moon poster along with your follower screen name.

The contest ends with the next New Moon, midnight (PST) Sunday, May 24, when I'll choose a winner using a purely scientific, extravagant method by pulling a name from a hat. Check in on Monday, and I'll have the screen names of the winners posted.

Now for the exciting part- THE PRIZE:

Vampire Me, an AMAZING manip site, will make the winner their own Vampirization- vegetarian, newborn, and thirsty- an $18 value.

Here's mine (alas, PB in vampire flesh- going pasty is the new Botox):

(Note: I sent her a low-resolution picture- check out Vampire Me to see how amazing a high-resolution photo looks. )

In addition:
* 50 entries- one winner
* 100 entries- two winners
* 200 entries- three winners

Become a bonified Pillow Biter today! But here's the deal- don't just sign up as a follower and disappear. Bookmark me, then check in often for your daily Pillow Biter fix!


  1. I'm very excited about this! What a great idea. I've been following this blog and will continue to check in !

  2. I thought I was following you on twitter....must remedy this ASAP!!!!! My twitter name is DeJaStar.

  3. Now following you on twitter!

  4. I am following you!
    my twitter name is btsunshine ;)

  5. Thanks pillowbiters! following u on twitter & blog..


  6. I'm following you both places, bb!

    Sista Amz

  7. This is an awesome contest! I'm following you on twitter(vokalchick)

  8. This is SO cool! Thanks to you and the others that came up with it! (SassNvingR)

  9. Just followed you on Twitter! I'm @alisonfoster.

  10. I think I've done all the requirements before your contest was announced. I don't know if that disqualifies me or not but I'm commenting just in case.

  11. I am following you on Twitter - beesue.
    Sounds like fun!

  12. Have been following for awhile and am addicted already! luv your blog..

  13. I follow you both here and on Twitter. And I'm also on your forum. If I had any modicum of talent with photo manips, I'd make one, but alas I do not. So I did the next best thing -- I added a button to this contest on my sidebar on my site. P.S.) That's you in the vampire pic at the bottom of the post? Please, you don't need Botox. You're gorgeous! Love your hair color. :D

  14. flgarnet

    I'll follow anyone willing to cover me in feathers...and with the last name Cullen. :-)

  15. I am now following you!


  16. I'm following now. I've never followed before. We'll see how it goes! :)


    I will follow.............

  18. Hey, i'm already following u on twitter @CourtneyIsMe, so I signed up for your forum, SeraphimNite

  19. Your 186th follower! Heard about this through Twitarded :)

  20. I found you by doing a search for "Twilight Yourself" I follow you via abutterflyloves

  21. I follow you on twitter...
    my ID

  22. omg! why haven't i jumped on this!!??
    sign me up!

  23. I follow your twitter. my name is ashleyaboe