Tuesday, May 19, 2009

KStew and RPattz updates round the globe: *spoiler*

Deets from Lainey about Kristen and Rob:

First - Kirsten Stewart in Vancouver on Monday, day after the New Moon wrap party, where my sources say she was smoking some BC bud, on her way in and out of a hair appointment. Kristen is back at work on set today shooting Bella sad and depressed at home scenes.




Over in Cannes, this morning, Robert Pattinson, after a boozy night on Paul Allen’s boat, posed for a photo call on the beach before international interviews all day. Am told he seemed overwhelmed by the absurdity of the situation – on a dock, by himself, photographers calling out.

Last night, am told Pattinson was happily enjoying the attention of several euro social climbers on the yacht, and had a moment with Orlando Bloom, no doubt exchanging tips. It was like a pretty-off. A pretty explosion on the cote d’azur. Pattinson was enjoying the open bar. Liberally. As he should. This is Cannes, after all.




  1. Yumm..
    thanks for the Deets!

  2. I did not read because of the spoilers... Shame on me but that word scares me lately.
    However, these are such beautiful pictures! Kristen looks great! Mr. Pattinson... yum yum.

    Thank you Mrs. Pillow.