Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Join Josh's quest to be the voice of New Moon!

Josh Ryan of Secrets in Stereo is on the quest, with the intricate help of Twilighters, to make a song savvy enough to be featured in New Moon.

May 24 marked the day his blog and list of questions began to help him culminate the perfect set of ideas for the perfect song to pitch to the powers that be.

His idea intrigues me. Twilighters are such an integral part of the success of the Twilight Saga- what a great idea to have someone be our voice!

I recently interviewed Josh Ryan to find out more about him and how we can help:

Q: How will you make the transformation to a darker/ more indie sound than what you produce now?

A: This is one of the things that is exciting to me; it's different than things I've done in the past, though I've written darker things. They've just never made it on a record because of that. So this will be fun to step outside of that box.

Q: Or do you think your style will fit into New Moon as is?

A: I think some form of my style will fit. There is no doubt that New Moon is sad and dark. It will be on me to make that adjustment, for sure. But I'm up for it.

Q: What changes, if any, are you planning on making to your popularized style of music?

A: Generally speaking, my melodies will be darker and a little more outside of the box. Also, I will use instrumentation that will speak more to the visual setting of the movie, rather than what you hear on Top 40 radio. But here's the great part! This is where Twihards will make the most impact. What type of instrumentation... piano or acoustic guitar? Strings or keyboards? I will be asking these questions from the studio, and your answers will matter.

Q: Is there a scene you have in mind when planning your song?

A: I have a few in mind. Obviously, where Edward leaves Bella and she roams in the woods is a very emotional scene. But, again, this is up to all of us. Not just me.

Q: So your motive is to have a song on the soundtrack that has had a direct influence from fans?

A: Absolutely 100%. The music industry is changing. I deal with it every day, and I'm sure you all deal with it often as well. To be honest, I'm kinda sick of the status quo. I want to be a part of something innovative and different.

Q: When will the music for New Moon be chosen- how much time do you have to convince the powers that be?

A: They are choosing now. And they will keep on looking for music up until a few months before the release in November. So, September'ish.


  1. Awesome, you've done it again!

  2. Contact him, Suz! He's had so much stuff produced for TV shows- he's quite the professional, and the nicest guy. I think he has a great handle on what needs to be done to get Twilighter voices heard. And your steamy poem rocks...