Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hump Day: Cannes Edition *shocker*

Rob in Cannes = unadulterated hotness. Today I offer up some Rob tributes from a couple of my bloggy girls:

From Random Acts of Rob:

So yesterday was like Christmas Day for Rob Bloggers. Holy sh*t picture after picture after video after picture…HOT DAMN! The female world came to a standstill, children weren’t fed, houses weren’t cleaned, work wasn’t doneI’m sure husbands and boyfriends got banged sensless *wink*

Elsewhere in libido-driven woman land:

Amcas presented:

An Visual Ode to Rob's Chest Hair
Viens m'enculer

Let us begin in present day...

Today was proof that Rob's chest hair can cause international hysteria. In fact, it may have required it's own passport in order to travel as it's sheer presence is that powerful. In addition, I zoomed in on his other finer qualities...

Sacre bleu

Vous les vousco chez avec moi?

mon dieu

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  1. Damn my husband for working second shift!!