Thursday, May 14, 2009

How Twi-Fans, Twitterers, Indonesian Fans, Robert Pattinson Celebrated his 23rd Birthday

Even Lainey, queen of snark, is enamored by Roberts' birthday beauty:

He really did look extra pretty on his birthday. Especially the close up on his face, see? Framed by his hood, mouth closed in a semi pout, Robert Pattinson quivered the loyal fans waiting outside in the rain last night as he celebrated his birthday at Glowbal in Yaletown. He did not disappoint, gamely signing autographs and posing for photos before leaving.

Started out as a small group, just RP and an older gentleman, Kristen Stewart, and his friend Sam Bradley but others arrived as the night progressed: Ashley Greene, Jamie Campbell Bower, Charlie Bewley were the other Twilight actors in attendance and several other non-famous folks toasted Pattinson’s 23rd. Noticeably absent: Taylor Lautner. He was with Selena Gomez last night and am told may not have been invited.

Today: Shooting Bella bedroom scenes. He goes through her photos and she cries and mopes some more when there are no photos. Also something about her opening her eyes and there he is beside her waiting for her to wake up. Pattinson is concurrently continuing green screen work with the other vampires. Winding down his stay in Vancouver.


  1. one question...
    same pics on every single site
    what's up with that?
    only authorised pics of Rob in the web today?

  2. I know- it's hilarious. And every site is saying, "Look at OUR pictures!" Whatever. Even though Lainey is a haggish pap (sorry, girl- it's true), she always has the best commentary, and I love her snark, which is why I often use her pics.

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  4. lol love Lainey, I read her every day. I can't not read her and you and Ted Casablanca. Everyday!! this addiction of mine is getting out of control. Love your blog =)

    (sorry needed to edit something and since I couldn't I just deleted the previous post and wrote this one)

  5. Rob is starting to remind me of Bella in Wide Awake--always hiding in his black hoodie. It makes me a bit sad.

  6. Did you just sandwich me between Lainey and Casablanca, the two biggest smutty paps I can think of?

    I don't know whether to be offended or flattered- lol! But since it's super hard to offend me, I'll take the latter...

    Thanks for the compliment! ;)

  7. OME. Wide Awake. Am I the ONLY Twilighter who hasn't read fan-fiction yet??

    ALL Rob's pictures lately make me soo sad for him- all the worldly fanfare over his birthday, and this is how he looked last night- like he wanted to crawl under a rock? Poor baby. :(

  8. be flattered lol
    those are my go-to sources on everything hollywood
    n I haven't read any fan fic yet either

  9. @PB--I have lost serious, much needed sleep reading Wide Awake. I am almost done and reading intentionally slow because I don't want it to end. It is not perfect but it is pretty darn good and full of tension and some 'action' that does not disappoint.

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