Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How many more days of Cannes? *yawn* A condensed recap of yesterday's Le grand journal with yummy pics

Yesterday's video of Rob at Le grand journal along with translation:

Q : About Ken Loach movie
A : He is not a Manchester supporter, but rather an Arsenal supporter.

Q : Each time Robert Pattinson goes somewhere, hundreds of fans follow him - like when he arrived in the Nice airport the day before - and thousands of websites are about him. So how do you manage the fans, the hysteria ?
A : I don’t pay attention to it. I think of other things. If I did, I wouldn’t know who I am anymore, what kind of person I am.

Q : You are staring in Twilight 2 : New Moon, you’re still playing a vampire. Is the shooting almost done ?
A : I just have four more days of shooting in Italy.

Q : Could you give one or two secrets about New Moon ?
A : Well, it’s a book already. If you have read it, you already know what’s happening in the movie. I break up with Bella and she finds someone else.

Q : But you come back in the end. And you’re in the movie. Fans were worried, because in the book, your character is not a lot in it. Reassure your fans.
A : I’m in it, I come back as a ghost in Bella’s hallucinations.

Q : Did you expect the movie to be that successful when you signed for it ? With all the medias involved ?
A : No, not at all. I’m amazed. And absolutely not used to it. It was a small production when I signed.

Q : I discovered that when you check in in hotels, you check in under a penname/pseudonyme. You did it in Paris. Clive Handjob ?
A : Yeah, it was that.

Q : Do you like staring in Twilight, or do you want to play something else, play in other kind of movies ?
A : Since it was already planned to be a trilogy, I’m focused on it for the time being. After that, I might do something else. For now I’m doing this.

Q : There’s also a movie about Dali. You play Dali in a movie.
A : Yeah, right. We talked about it last month.

And some juicy pics from Socialite Life:

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  1. Is it me or did it seem like Rob was annoyed with this interview?