Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello! Vote Rob as Most Attractive Man!

Hello! Magazine online is featuring a "Most Attractive Man" poll, and Robert is almost dead-last. Get to clicking; you can vote once every 15 minutes:

There's a travesty brewing on the website.

Seems Kiefer Sutherland and Orlando Bloom are out ahead in the Most Attractive Man weekly poll while Robert Pattinson trailsattractive man.jpg the pack alongside funnyman Jim Carrey. How can that be? Have the rest of his fans taken their eye off the ball?

Each week's winner is included in a monthly poll and the monthly winners get entered in a year-end Grand Finale.

Jim is currently at Cannes Film Festival promoting the remake of A Christmas Carol while Orlando and girlfriend Miranda Kerr have been spotted hanging out with Robert. Rob is on the French Riviera to promote his short film The Summer House, a flick he filmed before becoming the world's hottest vampire.

Most importantly, Rob is leaving behind a trail of alluring new pictures which are continually popping up on the net. It's refreshing to see him in mortal rather than vampire form, and a testament to the appreciation Twilight fans have for his unconventional good looks - even if that appreciation has not yet registered in the results of this weekly poll!

Maybe I'm partial, but I'd cast my vote for Robert and his come hither glances any day.

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  1. LAST?! Ack - ok I am off to vote! [But I know what happened - all the R-Patts fans were so busy drooling all over the gazillion pics of his hottness in Cannes that they haven't paid ANY attention to anything else the last few days!]